Established to create positive and sustainable difference to children that have experienced or at high risk of Sexual Exploitation.

Residential Care at Physis Quantum

Physis Quantum has been carefully designed to offer a sequential, task-centred approach to ensure that each child or young person’s placement goals are achieved.

Our children and young people present a diverse range of complex needs and case management challenges. We therefore undertake a comprehensive programme of assessment and therapeutic interventions focussed upon providing an effective multi-agency response to achieve the reduction and / or prevention of risk and harmful / inappropriate behaviours in the children and young people we support.

Within the residential environment we offer an integrated child / young person focussed therapeutic approach, providing safe boundaries and a range of creative opportunities for the development of personal wellbeing and responsibility.

At Physis Quantum we believe the delivery and application of this therapeutic approach - across all aspects of the child or young person’s daily living experience - is central to achieving our level of successful outcomes.

We have therefore created an organisational culture that is based upon an explicit commitment to a whole team approach that is committed to the integration of the therapeutic care, educational provision and clinical components to maximise the opportunities and outcomes for our young people.

This allows for the very high level of clarity of purpose across the organisation and creates a very strong sense of belonging and identity for children, young people and adults alike.

The residential accommodation provided by Physis Quantum is strategically and operationally located within, or near to local communities to enable safe and controlled integration.

Our placements are designed to accommodate those children and young people who will benefit from a small-group experience with a carefully assessed and selected group of other children and young people.

All our children and young people are supervised at a ratio established within their initial and ongoing assessments and in line with the Statement of Purpose of the respective service.

Full details can be downloaded in the Professionals Area.