Established to create positive and sustainable difference to children that have experienced or at high risk of Sexual Exploitation.

Clinical Services at Physis Quantum

At Physis Quantum we specialise in actively supporting children and young people with particularly diverse and complex needs and who have been identified as presenting a heightened potential of risk to themselves and / or others.

The children and young people we work with commonly present a complex range of severe emotional difficulties, inappropriate / harmful interpersonal behaviours, attachment disorders, abuse reactive behaviour, trauma and crises.

It is common for these problems to be further complicated by a range of learning, experiential and educational difficulties that often result in chronic under-achievement and alienation from mainstream provision.

To achieve this degree of individualised programme planning we have developed a comprehensive programme of assessment and therapeutic intervention that impacts upon every aspects of service provision within Physis Quantum and is best described as a therapeutic milieu.

Our clinical team provides therapeutic programmes that create a sense of belonging and interdependence through the investment and creation of mutually respectful relationships - both directly and through supporting the wider therapeutic environment.

Risk management underpins all aspects of our service and within this approach risk is viewed as a dynamic process requiring systematic assessment, monitoring, and effective responses to change.

The clinical team have considerable expertise in this field having worked closely over many years in various roles with public protection agencies.

The children and young people we support receive weekly clinical sessions with a qualified and accredited clinician - specialising in this complex field of practice - with an active focus upon psychosexual / behavioural issues and their impact upon themselves and others.

Our Clinical services fall into 2 categories:

  • Clinical services provided for every child and young person placed within Physis Quantum - whether full-time or as a day pupil.
  • Clinical services provided to external bodies by on a consultancy basis, for example: Assessments, Court Reports and Direct Work.

Full details can be downloaded in the Professionals Area.

A wide range of external clinical services are available to support colleagues within other organisations and agencies through Physis Professional Development.